Pedagogical Materials

There is still a lot of prejudice against both using new technologies and teaching mathematics in preschool. The pedagogical materials explain for the educator why video should be employed, to which end, the advantages of such an approach, and which potential downsides need to be anticipated. The materials are published as a PDF booklet that you can download for free.

The booklet contains the following sections:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction
    • Goals of the ViduKids project
    • Benefits of applying ViduKids in the classroom
  • Pedagogical background
    • Early childhood education
    • Early mathematics education
      • The mathematical content
      • Three approaches
        • Exploration
        • Storytelling
        • Problem-solving
    • Creativity and aesthetic expression
      • The digital opportunity space
      • Creative problem solving versus creativity
      • A model for understanding children’s creative processes
    • Media education
      • What is media education?
      • Towards a pedagogy of production
  • Implementation of ViduKids
    • Getting into ViduKids
    • Assessment, privacy and copyright
  • The ViduKids guide
    • The ViduKids matrix
      • Entry task
      • Intermediate task
      • Advanced task
    • Step-by-Step guide
      • Preparation
        • Staging
      • The first transformation cycle
        • Pre-production
        • Filming
        • Post-production
      • The second transformation cycle
        • Evaluating
  • Technical support
    • Using the technology you have
    • Using your camera creatively (entry task and advanced task)
    • Stop-motion production (intermediate task)
    • Post-production/video editing (advanced task)
  • References

Download the booklet here

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