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There is a need for innovative early childhood mathematics education using a play-based relational pedagogy. The use of video production is an innovative approach that was not tried in early childhood mathematics before. To develop an innovative pedagogical approach, we need to develop ideas and concepts together with early childhood educators and children. First try-outs have been done in Vrtec Mavrica Brežice and selected kindergartens in Norway, Portugal, and Italy.

Now, we are looking for more kindergartens and preschools who want to join in. Our target groups are children age 4-6 years and their educators and preschool teachers who will test the pilot materials and help to improve the quality of the overall outcomes. At the same time, the piloting can kick off transnational collaboration. Tandems with kindergartens and preschools from two different countries can get into contact and exchange ideas about a joint project. This may motivate even more preschools to get involved and work together.

A first skeleton for the approach looks like this:

  • Children will playfully explore situations or tangibles that represent mathematical concepts
  • Children themselves record this process on video
  • They consider that other children will watch their outcomes
  • Educators facilitate appropriately regarding the mathematics content, video technique, and teamwork
  • Ideas and examples are provided (see the ViduKids matrix and the first piloting videos)
  • The ideas will be developed further together with other educators and preschool teachers from all over Europe

Do you want to join us?